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Case Study: Automating Apparel Classification Process

Import Compliance isn't just about moving products across borders

With average duty rates ranging from 16% to 32%, wearing apparel has some of the highest duty rates of any products in the tariff. Accurate HTS coding is critical to ensure accurate costing, clearance of goods, on-time delivery to customers and overall trade compliance.

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 Automated Apparel and Footwear HTS Classification

Tradiance has automated classification for Apparel, Apparel Accessories, and Footwear, taking the guesswork out of the hardest chapters in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS). Tradiance, the first Audit-Ready Automated Classification tool, focuses on the relevant attributes, greatly reducing the time spent on data gathering while increasing HS code classification efficiency, accuracy, and auditability.

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The Five Steps to HTS Classification